A Firehouse is Family


A Firehouse.

A firehouse is family.

Apparently that is how all firehouses feel, like mishpacha. But I was honored to be invited by one in particular. Such an opportunity to receive a VIP tour of the Givaat Ze’ev Fire Station. I was welcomed with such warm hospitality. Food and drinks were offered and conversations were fun- my Hebrew, their English, and Google Translate! And lots of laughter!

20160214_11435120160214_114417The fire chief, Jackie, leads his firefighters with efficiency and the mutual respect between them all is clear and beautiful. I am grateful to him for opening his firehouse to me. It was also coincidental to discover that I know relatives of his that work in Marzipan in Yerushalayim’s Machane Yehuda, Dovid and Itzik. When I said to Jackie, “It feels like a family here,” he responded instantly, “It’s not LIKE, it IS!” Sababa!

Then the private VIP tour began. It  was given by Ido Naor. Ido served in the Israeli Army for 3 years as a firefighter. Then he realized his passion for this type of work and continued on as his profession. He knows the ins and outs of the fire truck and the smile on his face during each explanation was proof of his love for his work.

I had the opportunity to climb to the roof of the truck and see the view from there. Talk about excitement!20160214_111323Then I went inside the truck to see all the mechanisms- really, I felt like a kid! And then that’s when Jackie and Ido jumped into the 2 front seats and started the engine! I was about to get a ride through Givaat Ze’ev in a fire truck! And what a fantastic ride it was! The views were absolutely gorgeous! I am not sure more fun could have been had.

Ido told me about their schedule- they’re on call for 24 hours straight and then have two days vacation. A huge thank you to him for coming in to show me around on his day off! What an honor!


Really what a privilege for me to have this opportunity to meet true heroes- people that risk their lives on behalf of others. We see it every day in every community all over the world. My mind drifts back to September 11th and all the firefighters that tragically lost their lives. Or I think back to when at 3am on the coldest night of the year, the Bergenfield firefighters came out to our home to check our carbon monoxide detector. All the firefighters all around the world are heroes. Such bravery, such strength, such devotion. And now I’m proud to say some are my friends- out in Givaat Ze’ev.

I also hope that no one should ever be in such an emergency, but if G-d forbid someone is in need, it’s good to know there are such capable people to save and rescue in such a situation.

And as a side point, trying on the firefighters clothes was also pretty cool!

Thanks to all the firefighter in Givaat Ze’ev, especially Ido, for this amazing opportunity! I’m looking forward to bringing my kids there to visit next time! You may need to build a second floor with a fire pole or my son will be seriously disappointed!




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