Guns and Purim

Guns and Purim

Guns. Real guns. I believe in a person’s constitutional right to bear firearms. As long as they are normal, sane, perfectly safe human beings. I love living in Israel where I see people wearing their guns on their belts because it makes me feel protected from others that wish to cause harm, destruction, and death.

When I see the Chayalim and Chayalot, security guards and police officers, there is such a sense of pride in my heart. This is our country- and we are going to defend it and the citizens that reside here. We aren’t living in the past where we were brought to the slaughterhouses like sheep.

We must have instilled this love and pride of the State of Israel, and the Kedusha of Eretz Yisrael, in our children.  Because when they, too, see the Chayalim outside, they get so excited. They look up to them as role models and heroes.

Because they are. Heroes. Brave heroes.

And that’s why, this Purim, my children, on their own, decided to dress up as Chayalim. And we couldn’t be more proud!

So I bought them their costumes- with guns- because soldiers have guns. And if you know me at all , I have never allowed toy guns in my house. Ever. But it felt different this year to buy them. It felt right to buy them. Even though deep down, I still feel like it’s wrong. Does that make sense?

Right when they received their costumes, they literally started acting the way a Chayal would act in combat. It just came so naturally to them. I’m not exactly sure how or why.

I told them, they can use them in the house and on Purim outside- but school doesn’t allow toy guns. As it shouldn’t.

But then a notice went out from the city:muqata

The city decided they don’t want anyone to go outside with toy guns and things of that nature. And it makes complete sense. There has been so much unnecessary stress from all the terror attacks- and you never know who you might pass on the street that might be affected. So I told my children, they may not use their guns outside either.

The scary thing is there was the same notice from 1948 and it’s true- not a lot has changed. And that is extremely sad to think about. There are so many people affected by all the terror attacks that occurred throughout history, in the Jewish Homeland.1170790_808300262647712_4277481265594531974_n

So even though my children are so excited to dress up like the brave soldiers of Israel, they will leave their toy guns behind. And that’s ok. Because the only people that should really be carrying guns are those that are able to protect us. And we know those brave people will be out all around the country doing just that- protecting the citizens of Israel.

So that we can all be out and about enjoying the happiness of the holiday.

To everyone, I wish a Chag Purim Sameach! A very Happy and Safe Purim to all!!

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