How Memories are Made

How Memories are Made

These are Pesach (Passover) Memories that will last a lifetime:

Watching as the heart-shaped ices drip down your cheeks and arms, splashing onto your toes that are peeking out of your open toe sandals.

pesach 6

Picking ripe, juicy fruit off the leafy tree and devouring its sweetness before adding it to the collection in the box.

pesach 3

Spreading gooey chocolate over broken matzot with a large pink marshmallow because you forgot a knife. Letting the kids lick the messy chocolate off your fingers.

Singing Passover songs while dancing through the Old City Walls of Jerusalem.

Praying at the Kotel, the Western Wall, with tens of thousands of Jews from all over the world.

pesach 8

Splashing in the streams of crystal clear, icy cold, water, flowing through a desert land and wondering in amazement at the miracles of Israel.

pesach 1

Floating in the salty Dead Sea, and thanking G-d that no one had any cuts.

pesach 4.jpg

Climbing through ancient caves and thinking about who walked through before us, hoping the bats don’t swoosh down from above.

pesach 9

Rowing the raft, with difficulty, down the Jordan River, hoping there would actually be rapids.


Zipping through the sky from mountain to mountain on Israel’s largest zipline, with the breeze blowing through your hair.

Watching the kids horseback ride, (their favorite vacation activity), but watching from afar as to avoid a hospital visit due to allergies.

pesach 7

Spending 3 weeks of holiday vacation with 40 family members and never tiring of it. Actually loving every minute, not wanting it to end.

Hearing the laughing of my children as they reunite with cousins they haven’t seen in 8 months.

Watching in awe as they bond over:

“hair salon”

pesach desserts

splashing in the pool

riding the train

playing soccer

giggling in their bedrooms

and experiencing my own tears as I feel so sad that they don’t see their cousins all year long.

And hoping that even if they don’t always see each other, they will always come together as if they never parted.


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