How to Mangal (BBQ) Like an Israeli

How to Mangal (BBQ) Like an Israeli

If you thought you knew how to have the ultimate BBQ, you haven’t met an Israeli on Yom HaAtzmaut. Israel’s Independence Day is celebrated nation-wide by Israelis that love their country. Israelis that are proud to live in the only Jewish country in the world. They are grateful to live in a country that feels like home. Even the “toughest” Israeli knows how to have fun- so crank up that music and get ready to be entertained by the photos and videos that I would love to share with you. I’d share a burger or chicken wing- but that’s too difficult through the screen. Here’s a better idea- after you read this and share it of course, hop onto the airline website to schedule your next Israel trip scheduled around Yom HaAtzmaut! Even better, make it a one way ticket to the holy land- Israel is waiting for YOU!

How to Mangal like an Israeli:

Pack up the car with tables, chairs, umbrellas for shade and of course the BBQ grill, early in the morning to save your spot on the grass. If you don’t get there first thing in the morning- you will not have a spot to BBQ. Plan to be in the park ALL day!

The days before, buy out the butcher of all the chicken and meat- and skewers!


Don’t forget the disposable goods- tins, plastic plates and cutlery…and hot sauces, every condiment, and all the drinks on the shelves.

No BBQ is complete without the massive speakers so the entire neighborhood can join in the singing and dancing!

Did you make sure to bring along your cotton candy machine? No?

Don’t forget the fan to fan the coal- you need that fire to keep burning all day long!

Bring enough food to eat while you’re waiting for the food to cook. Feel free to use your fingers- everyone else is!

If you have a baby- the pack and play is a necessity- because you aren’t meant to walk around the park following a toddler- you’re meant to sit, relax, chill out, and eat all day.

Oh no! Did you leave the cooler in the car? Go back and get it- there’s always more room for the delicious food prepared for this holiday! Remember to smile before you make it all the way back across the park to your family!

Don’t forget to take photos of all that watermelon you cut so beautifully! The watermelon that will spend the next 30 minutes dripping down your cheeks and chin and arms! It’s so refreshing in the warm May weather!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

And just remember to have fun and smile! Back to work tomorrow…

Happy 69th Israel! Looking forward to the 70th!

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