I’m on the Radio!

I’m on the Radio!

Something pretty amazing happened recently. I started a blog (yes, the one that I’m aware of you reading right now) and I didn’t actually think people would read it or notice it. But then I started to get recognized- on the bus, walking through town, in the bakery- no, I was not buying the pastries for myself. It got to a point where I thought it was just in my head- but then I was walking up the street with my kids towards the mall, while FaceTiming with a friend back in New Jersey. There was a man walking behind us, he caught up and said, “Excuse me, but are you ‘Tova in Israel’?” My friend on the phone was in shock. And I was happy people witnessed that- so I would know it isn’t just in my head. My kids started jumping and laughing, yelling out loud, “My Mommy is famous.” Sorry to disappoint them- I’m really not- just in my imagination. Maybe.

Recently, there was a major Radio station visiting Israel- The Nachum Segal Network. The purpose of their visit was for Jewish Unity and to convince people to move to Israel. Somehow I ended up being a guest on one of their live broadcasts, discussing our move to Israel. The link is here for you to watch, if you aren’t one of the 2600 people on Facebook that already did.

So something interesting happened after that interview. The radio station’s producers and managers started following my Facebook page. Back to that in a minute.

Currently, the Radio station is going through their annual fundraiser. There are no commercials- just straight fantastic broadcasting. I’ve been listening since the start of the show, 33 years ago. Ok. I was 1, but it must have had a major impact on my life- if I am currently blogging about them! Follow the link www.nachumsegal.com to make a pledge.

So back to my point about them following me. They randomly started discussing something I wrote about on Facebook. I got a Wattsapp message from a NJ friend to stop what I’m doing and turn on the web to listen in..and then was told- you need to just call in! So I literally stopped what I was doing- cutting up and washing the reddest, ripest, sweetest strawberries from the Machane Yehuda Market, and called into the radio station.

Listen to it all here! It’s lots of fun!

So did you hear it? Did you hear that job offer?! Was it a job offer? I should have just said, “I ACCEPT!” Will this blog, that I didn’t think would take me places, actually just, maybe, lead to a radio offer? I guess I’ll find out soon- and of course you will all be updated.

So as a last point- you never know where life will take you. Don’t let anyone shut down your vision- they may not be able to see where you’re going, because it’s your vision. Keep your eyes straight ahead and believe in yourself. I guess that’s what I’m doing. And I’m having loads of fun and excitement along the way!

Thanks for tuning in, until next time, “remember the past, live the present, trust the future.” Nachum Segal, that has been my favorite saying for my whole life. So I guess if I do get a job in radio, I’ll have to think of my own!



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