Mazal Tov TALIA!

Mazal Tov TALIA!

It’s been almost 12 years since I became a mother. That was the happiest day of my life. Holding my first baby in my arms. It’s hard to think that there was life before that moment because life completely changed from that moment on.

Now my oldest daughter is turning 12, becoming a Bat Mitzvah at the end of this year. We wanted to make this time before the Bat Mitzvah celebrations, special. To make it meaningful. We thought and thought. While learning will be wonderful to do together, we also wanted to do some chesed (charity/good deeds).

We compiled a long list of places we thought we can volunteer- and the list was 2 pages long. It reminded me how wonderful the Jewish nation is- always wanting to help others in need. There are literally hundreds of organizations to help in every single way possible.

There is actually a fabulous Jerusalem-based summer camp that is focused on this- Gift, run by Hannah Cohen. They spend a 2-week period helping in various chesed organizations. I wanted to send my daughter there, but she chose to spend this special time with me. I couldn’t say no to that. Well, I could have, but I didn’t.

I’m so glad I spent this time with her. It was a real bonding experience. I was able to witness through her eyes the excitement to help and give to others even if you receive nothing in return.

The places we went to were Pantry Packers, Tenufa, Susan’s House, Pina Chama, and Shaare Zedek Medical Center.


You can listen to the interview I did with Menachem Traxler of Pantry Packers for more information:


This is the interview I had done with Tenufa- listen to get a better idea of why this was an important chesed to support.




Here is the link to the blogpost I had written about Susan’s House and the important work they do:

Susan’s House: A House of Hope


Watch this chesed in action as Ari Fuld recorded the wonderful experience!



Below read about why after I volunteered my own time to Shaare Tzedek, my daughter wanted to do a chesed for the hospital as well.

Helping in the Hospital


I am so proud of my daughter for thinking selflessly and wanting to help others. May she continue on this beautiful path of realizing the enormity of caring and helping others.

Mazal Tov Talia!

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