My Love of Blue and White

My Love of Blue and White

Growing up in my hometown 3+ decades ago, there was an embarrassment surrounding the waving of Israeli Flags. Don’t get me wrong, my family still had the flag waving proudly on our front porch- but we were the only family. I remember the looks and stares we’d get.

The elementary school I went to never mentioned the State of Israel. All my pro-Zionism, love for Israel attitude, came from the home. For that, I am eternally grateful to my parents. As a little girl, I would beg my father to take the flag down, but he would explain to me why I should never hide my love for Israel. He would explain what the Jewish nation went through to get to this point in history.

Today I can happily, with tremendous pride, wave the Israeli flag on my porch- without embarrassment.

I love seeing the flags all throughout Israel. Jerusalem has turned from the City of Gold to the City of Blue and White.

Every store you walk into,
every street corner you cross,
every car you see on the street,
has the Israeli flag waving proudly.

I can not do anything other than smile when I see the Blue and White waving against the green trees and the blue sky- what a vision.
Knowing that we can live in our homeland, as a free and sovereign nation, warms my heart.

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