Pre-Purim Pandemonium

Pre-Purim Pandemonium

Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, kings, princesses, pirates, minions.. the list of costume choices can go on for pages. Purim is in the air. It’s the Jewish holiday that teaches us that even though God’s name isn’t mentioned in the Megilla and He seems hidden, in reality God and His miracles are ever present. This is one of the reasons that kids and adults of every age, get dressed up in costume- masked, cloaked, veiled. It’s the day that you can have fun with your imagination- and dress like someone you only normally would dream of dressing like- or not.

This is our first Purim in Israel- and the kids are so excited. I’m not sure if it is actually for the holiday, or the 3-day school vacation. Lucky for us, it was a Jewish leap year- how exciting to have 2 months of Adar- it may be the happiest month of the year! With the extra month, they started thinking about what they’d like to dress up earlier than usual- minds were changed, and changed back again, and then changed 3 more times. I lost count. I think I was in 50 different costume stores all across Jerusalem- 2 times in each! Can you keep up with all those numbers?!

But that’s the beauty of living in Israel- the entire country gets ready for the same holiday! Every store- toy stores, clothing stores, makeup stores, pop up stores- every type of costume was available.

Except…I was actually a little confused, since all of the adult women’s costumes were so inappropriately immodest. I mean, I could have dressed up as a nurse, a police woman, waitress…but not that kind…I think you know what I mean. So I shopped on line, and found a beautiful Egyptian princess costume. It’s just disappointing that I couldn’t find a modest one in one of the 50 stores I shopped in. I laughed so loudly when the supermarket security guard asked me “What will you dress up as for Purim?” I replied, “An Egyptian Princess.” He said, without missing a beat, “Isn’t that funny?! I am dressing up as Paroah!” Ha! It’s so much fun that everyone is so excited for Purim! Maybe it’s because they’re all anticipating extreme sugar rushes- or an excuse to get extremely drunk.

Bus stops all over Jerusalem are decked out in Purim holiday spirit. Purim signs are everywhere. I even saw a man walking down the street in a clown costume, and no one was phased in the slightest. It’s all part of the pre-Purim cheer and festivities. The city just seems so happy and alive.

And that brings me to this point. Just like in the Purim story- When the decree went out to kill the Jews, God seemed hidden, but He wasn’t. And it makes me think- there has to be a bigger picture to everything going on now. We are unfortunately experiencing daily terror attacks- meant to kill the Jews. Just like on Purim. But, the Jews survived and escaped the death decree in Persia. So I hope and pray, the terror here in Israel will also stop and the Jews will be victorious once again. Miracles happen all around us all the time. I’m hoping we will have a Purim miracle this year. Because kids and adults should be able to get dressed up and have fun. And may we all merit to have God’s miracles revealed to us in our lifetime.

Feel free to leave a comment with your Purim costume idea! Happy Purim to All!!

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