Red Tie Cocktail Event in Jerusalem

Red Tie Cocktail Event in Jerusalem

The Red Tie Cocktail Event in Jerusalem’s Light Rail at the Ammunition Hill train station was mesmerizing, a night of elegant magic. It was the opening event for Jerusalem’s Open Restaurant Festival. The week long festival from November 22-26, includes a vast array of restaurants participating. Dinners, cooking demonstrations, kids workshops are some of the experiences the guests will have the opportunity to enjoy.

The guests began the Red Tie Cocktail Event evening with a glass of sparkling champagne in hand to set the mood. They were given red paraphernalia as dress up for their formal attire to symbolize their “ticket” to ride the train. Feathers in hair, glittery hats, ties and bowties, and necklaces were just some of the fashions on display for all the locals observing from a distance, mouths agape.

The guests were from all around the world, local and tourists, journalists, photographers, travel bloggers from India and Germany, and even government officials, such as Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat.

Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Bar
Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat


Travel Bloggers from Germany: David Seitz, Amelie Heinz, Livia Noll

The Open Restaurants team thought of every detail. Meirav Oren, founder of Open Restaurants and Revit Chabakuk, social media manager of Open Restaurants, were there to answer questions and insure everyone was enjoying themselves. Ilanit Melchior, Jerusalem’s Tourism Director, seemed very pleased with the success of the evening. The train was adorned in red ambiance and glowing lights. It was transformed from a regular commuter train into a special venue to celebrate Jerusalem’s enchanting charm.

Ilanit Melchior, Jerusalem's Director of Tourism
Ilanit Melchior, Jerusalem’s Director of Tourism

Itraveljerusalem was there capturing the memories using fun frames to help entice everyone to be photographed. Thanks to Ziv Shaked of Instagram_Israel for the added fun!

Ziv Shaked

The culinary talents of Adom Restaurant chef Elran Buzgalo were appreciated by everyone. The guests’ savored the tastes of all the creative dishes that were served. My taste buds registered the delicious flavors, the heavenly aromas and my mouth watered in satisfaction.

Elran Buzgalo, Chef at Adom

Disassembled ‘Sabih’ – Heart of aubergine, aioli amba, tehina, spicy chickpeas, herbs
Innards in a Pan – Veal sweetbreads, spine, spleen, liver, and kidney, grilled fennel and herbs
Fall Inari — Tartar of fruit and crispy fish cubes served with tofu inari
Pickled Sirloin Jar – Paper thin slices in a home-made pickling liquid and dips served with a brioche
Disassembled Osso Buco – with chipotle aioli and friends
Dessert – A bag of surprises

While traveling on the train, we were entertained to music that had everyone dancing and grooving to the beat of classic Israeli music, as seen below:

I was honored to be invited by Itraveljerusalem to join this exciting night of glamour. I’m looking forward, as are I’m sure all of Israel’s citizens and tourists to see what Jerusalem’s Tourism Department has in store for us next!

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