TOVAtalks with Avi Abelow

TOVAtalks with Avi Abelow

Avi Abelow is someone I truly admire. Someone that is bringing Israel into her well-deserved spotlight of truth and positivity. I’ve met with Avi on a couple of past local events and thought it would be wonderful to interview him formally.

Listen to the interview to find out

-Where his passion for Israel comes from

-His connection to Nachum Segal

-His childhood dreams

-How he brings Israel into the positive spotlight- His belief in Rav Kook’s message

12 Tribe Videos and Israel Video Network – Annual worldwide contest

-How to overcome challenges and obstacles of the anti-Israel groups

-What to teach our children

-His Aliyah Story

-His marriage to Rachel Sheer 

Israel Aliyah Planning Advice

Life in Gush Etzyon

-Army Service and Milluim (post army service)

-His Israel Happy Place

But then he did something that took me by surprise! He decided to turn the tables and interview me on Facebook Live. Thanks Avi for the fun and laughs. May you keep up the incredible work and continue being an inspiration to the masses.





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