TOVAtalks with Eliyokim Cohen of Jews News

TOVAtalks with Eliyokim Cohen of Jews News

Standing up for what you believe in is so important especially when the opposing voices are so loud. Many times people shrivel away, shrinking, closing down, their thoughts for fear of being yelled out, made fun of, belittled, or targeted. Nowadays everyone is so vocal- more so behind the comfort of a computer screen. It is always important to stand up for what you believe in, but in a respectful manner and tone. It is never kind to be vile and obnoxious to someone with a different view than you.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Eliyokim Cohen, someone that is standing up for the truth of Israel, when so many others enjoy putting her in a negative and untruthful light.

Eliyokim moved to Israel, became a religious Jew, and is on the path to helping the world be enlightened to the truth- in hope to disqualify the media’s determination to make Israel look like an oppressor. His website and Facebook page boasts over a million and a half followers reaching many more than that.

I wish him all the success and divine help to unmask the truth and open the world’s eyes to the beauty of Israel.

Watch the TOVAtalks interview here that aired originally on the Nachum Segal Newtwork.

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  1. Hi Tova, my daughter Malka Weinfeld is coming to visit you shortly. I hope to connect with your mom this week. She and I are the same generations and my mom remembers visiting her father George when they were kids. My wife Masha and I are enjoying Tovatalks right now. The interview with Eliyokim Cohen is very special. Thanks for hosting Malka. I’m going to listen to more Tovatalks now.

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