Where are you going today?

Where are you going today?

“Where are you going today?”

That was the question posed to me this morning by a friend while I was on my way out the door. At that moment, I had an agenda. Fix my eyeglasses, buy more fruits and vegetables. You know, the typical errands. But my mind started to wander….

What if?

Well……. I can take the bus to any destination in Israel.

what if 1

I can go boating down the very lazy Jordan River

pesach 11

I can splash around in the cool refreshing Banya waterfalls

what if 8

I can go jeeping through Midbar Yehuda or near the Kineret

what if 9.jpg what if 10.jpg

I can walk through and marvel at the art boutiques and ancient synagogues in Tzfat

what if 12.jpg

I can cautiously milk some smelly cows on a kibbutz

what if 11

I can ride a horse along a trail in the forest..or on a beach, you know, if my allergies weren’t a problem..

pesach 7

I can relax on a beach in the sun in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, to name just a few

what if 5

I can float in the salty Dead Sea, with its nutrient-filled mud slathered on my body

pesach 4

I can climb Masada at sunrise- that would take extra effort

what if 2

I can snorkel in Eilat’s Red Sea

what if 3

I can visit and pray at the graves of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs in Hebron

what if 4

I can pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

what if 6

I can taste all the delelctable pastries in any of Israel’s outdoor markets (but I won’t 😉 )

what if 7.jpg

The truth is, the list is endless.

The possibilities are countless.

How lucky we are to not only be here on a 2 week vacation, but actually living in Israel. How fortunate I am that my family followed me and my dream to live in Israel, our homeland. What a privilege to live in this time period where we have access to Israel’s multitude of destinations. It wasn’t always like this. And I definitely don’t take it for granted.

It’s always fun to dream, to use your imagination. But for today, I kept to my original plans. But tomorrow, when my friend asks me- “Where are you going?” I can breathe in deeply and be thrilled at the myriad of choices I have.

I think tomorrow I’ll spend the day at the beach.

what if 13.jpg

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3 thoughts on “Where are you going today?

  1. I liked how you said… But I won’t! Lol

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    1. I knew you would! 😉😉😉

  2. It’s been a long time since I thought of all those things as real possibilities . . . but you’re right . . .

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