Tova Talks to “Yonina”

Tova Talks to “Yonina”


I was seriously thrilled to interview Yoni and Nina Tokayer of “Yonina” because I am a tremendous fan of everything they’re doing. The music they sing is beautiful, the message they’re sending is pure inspiration. They are having a major impact on the world at large for seeing the Jewish nation and Israel in a positive light.

I sat down with them and their precious baby, Ashira, for a fun interview for the Nachum Segal Network’s Bite Size with Yoni Pollak.

We covered topics like:

Why their music is relateable to the public

The main music videos that have had the largest impacts

Their musical childhood

Fond musical memories

How Yoni and Nina met and how they found out about each of them being musical

Shabbat meals and go-to Zemirot (songs)

Lullaby they sing at Ashira’s bedtime

Upcoming commercial they’ll be apart of

Favorite musicians they admire and learned from

The Kiddush Hashem they’re having on the world- who they’re music is reaching to!

Information on the CD they’re recording

Upcoming events and the American tour- BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

A charity they’re involved in that they’re raising money for through their concert sales.

  1. Click here for Ticket Sales for the December 1st Concert in Ranana!
  2. Click here to learn about the Charity!

Their Israel Happy places

You can listen to some of their music here:

A song about appreciation and gratitude:

Their famous One Day rendition in the car! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as the other 30 million+ that have already seen it!

And one of my favorites: Hakol Yihiye Beseder- Everything will be ok.

An adorable video about the difficulties in actually recording a video and how they are moving into the music studio!

If you want to book Yonina for a concert event, you can reach them at or through their Facebook page.

It was a true pleasure to meet this incredible family. If it’s possible you haven’t heard of them yet, you will now not be able to forget them! Thank you Yoni and Nina. We all wish you continued success in everything you do!



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