Tova Talks with Tamir Goodman

Tova Talks with Tamir Goodman


I was honored to sit with Tamir Goodman, known as “The Jewish Jordan”,  in the Jerusalem Denmark School’s beautiful indoor basketball court, to interview him about what life is like for him and his family in Israel.

Listen to the radio interview featured on Yoni Pollak’s Bite Size on The Nachum Segal Network to find out about:

-Tamir’s advice to children pursuing a sports career. There is a mention of Ryan Turell from California.

-How the Jewish religion enhanced and had a positive impact on his life experiences.

-The importance of Shabbat to Tamir and a cute story from basketball days.

-Tamir discusses his book that he co-authored with his wife, Judy: The Jewish Jordan’s Triple Threat.

– Yarmulka (kippah) tricks for staying on while playing sports.

– His service in the IDF and deciding to live in Israel permanently.

– Advice to families thinking about moving to Israel.

-Tamir talks about Jerusalem’s community life.

-A great story from growing up in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tamir ends off discussing what is “Tov(a)” for him in Israel- what’s his favorite part of living life in Israel.

Tamir, with his kind demeanor and genuine personality, is the epitome of a true and positive role model for children of all ages. He uses his talents to help and guide others. It was a pleasure to meet with him as I walked away truly inspired.


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