TOVAtalks with Adi Isaacs

TOVAtalks with Adi Isaacs

A college student’s dream is to study abroad- experience more of the world before real life working sets in. Many travel to countries they’ve only read about or seen in movies. For a Jewish student, interested in learning about their heritage and culture, a wonderful program is offered at Hebrew University called Thrive.

I sat down with the founder and director of Thrive, Adi Isaacs to find out all about the buzz and the excitement. Listen to the interview that originally aired on The Nachum Segal Network to find out all about:

His Aliyah story
The Idea behind and Mission of Thrive
Experiences the students will encounter
Staff involvement
Where he sees Thrive going in the next few years
And of course listen for Adi’s Israel Happy Place!
I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on a few trips with the thrive students- to witness their excitement as they have these once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Visit to the Knesset
There is so much more- be sure to listen.
Feel free to share it with people you think would be interested in experiencing Thrive for themselves!
Check out Thrive’s website for more information!


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