TOVAtalks with Crave Restaurant

TOVAtalks with Crave Restaurant

After eating at Crave Restaurant and meeting the owners, I wanted to interview them and share their story with all of you. I didn’t interview them just because they currently have the most popular restaurant in Jerusalem, it was because these are fathers that picked up their families to move to Israel. I wish them all the success to keep doing what they’re doing and loving every minute of it.

I am sure that you will run to Crave Gourmet Street Food​ Restaurant after you listen to this interview. It wasn’t easy to get these men to sit down since they are so busy all the time running this restaurant. Miraculously, though, I managed to snag them for 20 minutes- mostly because they wanted to share their story with you.

Tzvi Maller​ and Todd Aarons, 2 of the owners,​ explained why their restaurant, new to the shuk Machane Yehuda scene, is so successful, driving people to spend their night with friends and family. It isn’t only because they serve the most succulent and delicious gourmet-street food. Well, that’s part of it! The truth is, it’s really the energy and passion, the camaraderie, especially among the waitstaff, that they all possess. Many have even said a hug from James Oppenheim​ is the most exciting part of the night! I’ll let you decide that one for yourselves!

In this interview that originally aired on The Nachum Segal Network, you will find out how these store owners made Aliyah to Israel and are making it work! They discuss the exciting food and drink choices on their menu that will have your mouths watering.

Tzvi, Todd, James, and Yoni love their restaurant so much that it’s more like home to them- and they make every person feel like a guest in their home.

If you live in Israel or you are coming to visit for vacation, be sure to put Crave on your restaurant itinerary- help support these Dads by ordering an over abundance of food, since collectively between the 4 owners, they have 30 kids!

Of course you will also find out about their Israel Happy Places!

**Big announcement-the inside scoop! And I was lucky to hear it first! Listen to find out what’s coming up next for Crave!

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