TOVAtalks with Eitan Freilich

TOVAtalks with Eitan Freilich

After hearing Eitan Freilich, performer and singer all the way from England, sing “Am Yisrael Chai”, on YouTube, I knew I had to interview him for The Nachum Segal Network. Not only is his voice captivating, but the music video was filmed in Israel- about the Jewish nation. Eitan may not live in Israel- which is different from my regular interviews, but he travels to Israel continuously.

It was an even bigger surprise to not only have the opportunity to interview Eitan, but also his very good friend, Elisha Levy, a Chayal Boded, lone Soldier in the Israeli Army. Elisha made a prominent appearance in the Am Yisrael Chai video. It was a pleasure getting to know Elisha too.

Eitan’s music is so beautiful as you will hear the surprise clip he and Elisha sing inside the interview!

Eitan shares many personal details about his life and his music, life experiences, the types of music he gravitates to, and the musicians he enjoys listening to. He tells us who writes his music and whether he has any input. You’ll find out his favorite musical part of Shabbat and why he films his videos in Israel. Find out the actual reason he is in the music profession- you will be truly inspired- as I was!

Enjoy this 1-minute teaser:


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