TOVAtalks with Eli Veffer of Shoot East

TOVAtalks with Eli Veffer of Shoot East

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to act in an Pesach (Passover) music video- I know- who’d have ever thought?! I actually hope to do that more often. We shall see.

The video’s theme was “from slavery to freedom”. The production was top notch- completely professional. It was filmed in the middle of barren hills in Israel on the windiest day of the year, or so it felt like that. The other cast members were very sweet to work alongside and fun memories will be with me always. It was a real joy to be part of the project.

After meeting the filmmaker/director for Shoot East​, Eli Veffer​, I knew that I had to interview him about his life story. I am sure you will enjoy this #TOVAtalks interview that aired originally on the Nachum Segal Network​. Thank you Eli, for not only casting me in your movie, but for sitting down with me to share your story with my audience. I am certain everyone will thoroughly enjoy learning all about you and all the incredible work you do to impact Jewish life in a beautiful and positive way.

After you listen to the interview here, be sure to watch and share his creative​ #Passover video.

Listen to the Interview here: Passover Video:

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