TOVAtalks with Erik Claster, Future Israeli Dog Sledder

TOVAtalks with Erik Claster, Future Israeli Dog Sledder

You’ve seen him jump into freezing cold pools of water. You’ve seen him run through forests. You’ve heard all about him wanting to make history as the first Israeli Dog Sledder in Fjallraven Polar. BUT NOW- listen here to find out- WHO IS Erik Claster?! Listen to my interview of the guy that’s going to put Israel on the dog sledding map!

The interview played live on Yoni Pollak’s Bite Size Show on the Nachum Segal Network, now hear it here!

You’ll hear his crazy outgoing personality shine through as he tells us:

How he came from Kansas to Israel with his family

About the Dog Sledding Event 

Why this interview is time sensitive

What he needs from YOU, the audience, right now!

How he’s training for this adventure

His adventurous life, with an anecdote about his craziest adventure and how his family deals with it

His Israel Happy Place

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