TOVAtalks with Eytan Morgenstern

TOVAtalks with Eytan Morgenstern

Living in Israel is amiracle. After 69 years of Independence, having the land back under Jewish Sovereignty after 3000 years is nothing short of miraculous. Unfortunately, we are still hit with terror attacks from those that believe the Jewish nation shouldn’t exist.Sadly, some of these attacks happen from within the Israeli Arab population, from East Jerusalem, as we witnessed with the Haas Promenade truck ramming, for example.

Eytan Morgenstern was living in Alabama. He decided to move to Israel, join the IDF to serve as a soldier. He got married and moved with his wife to Armon HaNetziv. They are one of 6 families on the very outskirts building up and strengthening a Jewish community, a Gorin Torani, in Jerusalem.

 In this #TOVAtalks interview, he discussed why he felt it was his responsibility to take this effort on his own. Kol Hakavod for making a tremendous impact on Jewish life in Jerusalem.

For more information, check out their website to see how you can get involved!

Thanks to The Nachum Segal Network‘s Bite Size Show with Yoni Pollak for originally airing this interview.

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