TOVAtalks with Holocaust Survivors

TOVAtalks with Holocaust Survivors

After hearing the Holocaust survival stories of my children’s great-grandparents I felt it was time to share it with as many people that want to listen.
I grew up in a family that has been living in America for at least 4-5 generations. The Holocaust was discussed but in an abstract way- stories that happened to other families.
Listening to their story, all of a sudden, the Holocaust became so much more personal. Real people. With real horror stories. You can see the pain in the eyes as the stories are told.

Somehow, although life started out with so much death, they managed to move forward and make a wonderful life together.

In this #TOVAtalks interview, you’ll hear from Rachel and Avram Kurcfeld, Holocaust survivors that live in Jerusalem, Israel, surrounded by their family. They just welcomed into the family a 5th generation, also known to the family as their “Trillion”. Listen to the interview for further explanation.

Although this is a “heavy” interview, about 30 minutes, I implore you to listen, realize what is truly important in life, and find out the strong life lessons they want to impart to everyone willing to listen.

With that being said, I think you will still find yourself laughing along too! Enjoy.

This interview aired originally on The Nachum Segal Network‘s Bite Size Show with Yoni Pollak.


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