TOVAtalks with Leibel Mangel

TOVAtalks with Leibel Mangel

Sometimes in life, regardless of your background, you choose to focus on the positive.

You choose to motivate others.

That’s the mission of Leibel Mangel.

He left his childhood home in Ohio to join the Israeli Army as a lone soldier where he like many other soldiers had painful and sad experiences. He chose to take those experiences and turn them into inspirational stories. He travels the world to share his story and people walk away inspired.

In this #TOVAtalks interview, Leibel discusses his family, his army experience and he gives wonderful advice. His advice is geared to the Jewish nation, the world at large, and current and future Israeli soldiers. He discusses his own Aliyah plans and like all my interviews, he answers the question, “What is your Israel Happy Place?”

Enjoy and be inspired!

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