TOVAtalks with Marcella Van De Bovenkamp

TOVAtalks with Marcella Van De Bovenkamp

As a Jew, as someone that truly loves living in Israel, it is hard to believe anyone can hate Israel so much. There are terrible anti-semetic, anti-Israel campaigns against Israel. Most notably BDS. How ridiculous to think that people actually believe that nonsense.

It was a breath of fresh air to interview Marcella Van De Bovenkamp. Marcella’s Great-Grandparents saved a Jewish man, Herbert Muller, during the Holocaust. She told me that she wishes they could have saved more. I reassured her that they did what they were meant to do and in fact, saved an entire world. This was evident to her when she met Herbert’s grandchildren. How remarkable!

As if that isn’t inspiring enough, Marcella is also a tremendous advocate for the Jewish people and Israel. As a Christian, she truly believes in the Bible and that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish nation. She goes on speaking tours and tries to impress this idea on her audience.

I was lucky enough to meet Marcella when she was volunteering in Gush Etzion at the Pina Chama, a place that soldiers go for a warm meal free of cost- made especially for them by volunteers. While there Marcella told me about her incredible story and I thought how wonderful to be able to share it with so many people.

In this interview, you will hear about:

how she feels living in Israel. 

her Great grandmother- righteous among the nations and the Holocaust story that saved Herbert Muller

how it makes her feel to have this history as part of her family’s legacy

why Marcella chose to be interviewed at the Tayelet in Armon HaNetziv- relating to the awful terrorist attack that killed 4 holy and brave soldiers.

how she relates to the story of Ruth 

Marcella’s  Israel Happy Place

It was a tremendous honor to interview Marcella. I’m sure after you listen to the interview you’ll understand why! Thank you to Yoni Pollak’s Bite Size Show on The Nachum Segal Network for broadcasting this interview.

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