TOVAtalks with Nachman Solomon of The Solomon Brothers

TOVAtalks with Nachman Solomon of The Solomon Brothers

After enjoying countless concerts by The Solomon Brothers,  I was intrigued by this family and all their musical talent. They perform all over Israel and the world at large- even as far as South Africa. Their music is spiritually uplifting and it is helping to inspire the Jewish youth of Israel. 

Thank you Nachman Solomon, one of the singers of The Solomon Brothers, for sitting down with me in the heart of Jerusalem for a #TOVAtalks interview. It was a pleasure to listen to childhood stories. I’m sure it was always an adventure  growing up with his 7 siblings. He discussed what is was really like to sing on his father, Ben Tzion Solomon’s Diaspora Yeshiva Band CD. 

The Solomon Brothers have been on multiple Television shows, most notably The Voice Israel, which gave the band massive recognition on the streets of Israel. Many behind the scenes stories are revealed- including a conversation about makeup.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a #TOVAtalks interview if we didn’t find out aboutNachman’s Israel Happy Place.

The interview originally aired on The Nachum Segal Network.


Listen here:

From a Solomon Brothers Concert:


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