TOVAtalks with The Lone Soldier Center

TOVAtalks with The Lone Soldier Center

The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin​ does so much incredible work to make the Chayalim, Israeli soldiers, that left their homes and families, feel welcome and part of a family.
While they currently provide multiple homes for the male soldiers to go to when they’re off-base, they are in the process of raising funds for the first female home. Let’s be sure to always say “thank you” to all the brave Chayalim when you see them on the streets of Israel. You never know their story, and a simple hello or expression of gratitude goes a long way. Watch that smile spread across their face!
It was my pleasure to interview Lizzie Noach​, community relations coordinator of the Lone Soldier Center. Listen to my #TOVAtalks interview that originally aired on The Nachum Segal Network​’s Bite Size Show with Yoni Pollak​.
Visit their website to see how you can get involved in helping to support Lone Soldiers.

Listen to the interview here:

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2 thoughts on “TOVAtalks with The Lone Soldier Center

  1. Kol hakavod! I heard your interview with the Lone Soldier Center today. My daughter just made Aliyah from New Jersey and is now starting her basic training in Tzahal. I will let her know of your website. Please keep it up!
    Blessings from Morristown, NJ.

    1. That’s amazing!! Kol HaKavod to your daughter, and to YOU for being a father that instilled in his child the importance of Israel!! Have her reach out to me if she ever needs anything!

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