TOVAtalks with Ari Kalker

TOVAtalks with Ari Kalker

During this week’s #TOVAtalks, I had the pleasure to interview Ari Kalker, one of the founders of The Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin. Currently he serves as the the Director of housing and special projects for the center. He shared his personal story of his time serving in the Israeli army after leaving Queens, NY. Ari served as a commander and combat lone soldier in the IDF for four years.  It was emotional to hear about his close connection to Michael Levin, a”h, and how his untimely death during army service was the impetus to opening the Lone Soldier Center.
Ari’s army service hasn’t ended. He continues to serve in reserve duty. When not on the field, he is helping and guiding the Lone Soldiers that leave their homes behind to join the IDF.
Ari offers practical advice to the current soldiers, future soldiers, and the brave families of the holy, courageous soldiers. He discusses his Aliyah story and what he loves about living in Israel- the answers may surprise you.

To find out more about The LSC, find them at

Listen to the interview here.

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