Bat Mitzvah Party Recommendations for YOU!

Bat Mitzvah Party Recommendations for YOU!

Making a family simcha in Israel was magical!

The preparations took definite mindfulness and thought as it was a tremendous undertaking. I didn’t hire a party planner so I was involved in every aspect,

making all the decisions-

sometimes difficult as someone that is super indecisive!

I decided to hopefully help someone else with their planning, so I compiled a Thank You list to all involved.

Please, please, reach out to me for any phone numbers for any of the places/people listed.

Even before the list- we made the Simcha in Mitzpe Yericho is a beautiful hall called Nof HaYarden. It has the most beautiful desert views. Since the party was outside of Jerusalem, the hall organized the coach bus for the girls to travel on to and from the party.

1) Dress- I searched for my dress until I found it at One of a Kind Dresses in Geula In Jerusalem- check them out on

You can watch the vlog about my dress hunt:

2) Hair and Makeup- Sarah Appel

Sarah is so talented! I absolutely loved my makeup and how all the hair came out. Definitely recommend her for your future simcha!

3) Photographer- Nitai Shaanani Photography

Nitai Shaanani takes the most beautiful artistic photos. I 100% recommend him to capture your special moments and preserve your lasting memories!

4) Balloon Centerpieces and Name Arch: יובל יקותיאל בלונים Yuval Balloons

Yuval Balloons was wonderful! Yuval was such a pleasure to work with. He has a tremendous amount of patience and he is so incredibly talented. I didn’t go the expensive route, but if you want super fancy- he can do that too!










5) Photobooth הקופסא- תא צילום ואטרקציות לאירועים

Instead of regular magnet photos, my daughter wanted photostrips. I found HaKufsa- but they were all the way in Hadera and guess what- they traveled 3 hours to be at the party! They didn’t even charge a traveling fee.

I absolutely loved this concept since besides giving the girls the photostrip, they also printed out another copy to place in a scrapbook that they can sign! So now my daughter has beautiful messages from family and friends alongside a photo of them at the party!



6) DJ: Holy Simcha Entertainment

Rivkah Adinah Kanush and Eliyahu Kanush were TOP NOTCH entertainers! The ruach was exceptional! Thank you for making the Simcha so exciting!! If anyone is looking for Party Pumpers- you MUST contact Holy Simcha!

Check out the #TOVAtalks interview I did with them!


7) Video Montage- Shimshon Seligson of 12Tribe Films Productions. Thank you for the beautiful montage! If anyone needs a creative professional video made- contact Shimshon!


8) Nails by Clara Manson Singer! No simcha is complete without a manicure! I’ve never had nail polish look so good and last so long until Clara did them!


9) Benchers- Custom Benchers- we ordered them on line. Funny that I’m listing them as last since that’s there the whole color scheme for the Bat Mitzvah came from!


10) Graphos- for all printing needs!

They created the signing board that is now hanging proudly on my daughter’s bedroom wall. They gave us font options and made it really to my exact specifications. The photo we used for the signing board was taken by our photographer, Nitai, in a beautiful orchard in Jerusalem.


11) Seamstress- Ellen in The German Colony- she was AMAZING!! She worked quickly and efficiently and with absolute expertise! And she is a pleasure to work with! We also bought the girls’ tiaras from her.


I must be missing some other things- More will come to me and I’ll update as I remember!

It was truly a beautiful simcha and I’m so grateful to everyone that had a part in it!

May we all share many more future Smachot together!

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