TOVAtalks with Dr. Shmuel Harris

TOVAtalks with Dr. Shmuel Harris

It was a pleasure to interview Dr. Shmuel Harris, founder and director of Machon Dvir, and also head of Psychiatry at Hadassah University Hospital of Mt. Scopus.

When I met Dr. Harris for the first time and heard about the incredible work he is doing for seminaries and Yeshivot in Israel, I thought this would be the perfect interview geared towards parents in this stage- sending their kids to Israel for their gap year.

The interview aired on The Nachum Segal Network‘s Bite Size Show with Yoni Pollak.

You can listen to the highly informative and interesting interview here:

Inside the interview you’ll hear about:

Dr. Harris’s Aliyah story from Australia

His medical training

All about Dvir Institute and its background

How he helps Seminary and Yeshiva students that need  psychiatric help

How he balances the needs of the student, the parent, and the school

The types of mental disorders that are most commonly treated

The methods of treatment that Dvir uses

How he keeps the referring doctors from the states in the loop

A success story

How parents that are torn about sending their child to Israel for the year can reach out to him to discuss their options

Dr. Shmuel Harris describes his Israel Happy Place

You can find out more about Machon Dvir on the website,


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